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April 17 2017

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Captured on camera: an Orc helping a poor little creature on the battlefield 


this is too pure

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If you listen to the end of tangled…. Rapunzel and Eugene didnt get married until several years later 

same with Aladdin and jasmine!

And Belle was trapped in that castle for months with Beast; I’m pretty sure at least a year.

Also Tiana and her prince were together as frogs for an indeterminate length of time before they married. 

Tumblr gets schooled by the Disney fandom

Also let’s not forget Aurora was betrothed (which uhh, was a thing and some places still is).

Cinderella had to be locked in her home away from her prince whilst she knew he was looking for her. 

I love how no one is trying to defend Ariel and Snow.

When Ariel was permanently turned back into a human by her father, we don’t know how much time passed between that day and their wedding.

Snow was under the sleeping curse for at least half a year. Remember the lovely commentary animated films used to do? At the end of the film, it states, “The Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.” Additionally, it shows changes in season.
And finally we don’t even see a marriage between The Prince and Snow.

I love this fandom


So really, Anna is the only princess who tries to marry a prince right away

I am so proud of everyone who commented on this

This post is priceless. Way to go, Disnerds!

And wait, WTF. Why are the princesses the targets of derision here? Prince Phillip was ready to marry Aurora after just running into her in the forest. And then he risked his life and fought a dragon. He didn’t even know her real name, he thought she was some random peasant from the woods and he was ready to walk away from his kingdom. Why isn’t he on trial here?

Prince Charming, same thing. He’d met Snow White before, but he didn’t know she was the maiden he was looking for. He literally heard about some dead girl in the woods and was like, “I must have her for my bride.” We’re going to blame that on Snow White? She was unconscious. And aside from singing one song about him, she was kind of wrapped up in her own thing with her dwarf friends.

Jasmine didn’t even want to get married at all for like 90% of the movie. Aladdin pursued her, going so far as to completely overhaul his image to impress her.

Cinderella didn’t ever say she wanted to get married, either. Her Prince dancd with her once, then tracked her down by her shoe size. Again, he was the one who wanted to get married. She kind of just went back to her regular life with a bittersweet memory.

WTF is up with blaming princesses for the princes’ bad judgment?


This post is amazing

you know damn well why it’s the princesses who are under fire

disney princesses discourse

And love doesn’t not equal marriage, guys. Saying “I love you” does not mean “I’m getting married, WHEEEEE!”

April 15 2017

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the last breath of autumn

Reposted byfionaandcake fionaandcake
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Being quiet.

April 14 2017

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The wonderful digital art of bluefooted


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The wonderful digital art of bluefooted


February 18 2017

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Sara Kipin

The modern-day fairytales of Sara Kipin combine digital crispness with classical themes of sacrifice, conflict and undying love. Although her drawing signature is clean and stylized, the elegant character designs and detailed landscapes breathe a magical sense of nostalgia. Sara’s determined lady knights and sassy witches make you wish for them to come to life in an animated feature all their own.

Travel along with Sara on her Tumblr page

Follow our mighty Facebook page and Twitter for daily art snacks! | Posted by Falco

February 03 2017

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Photowork by Marcin Nagraba. Costumes by Agnieszka Osipa Costumes - just imagine a place where all ppl wear such stuff for everyday duds!

January 27 2017

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden by kri11e

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November 21 2016


“What ships do you prefer? m/m, f/f, m/f? nb/nb?”



November 14 2016

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historymoodboard: jadwiga (1373/4-1399)

polish king from hungary who by marrying a lithuanian prince laid the foundation for polish-lithuanian commowealth; one of the best educated women in medieval times (at the age of 11 she knew 5 languages); amazing diplomat; renewed the kraków academy (nowadays jagiellonian university) and deeply cared for youth education; saint  of the catholic church.

requested by @shadybiostudent

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Friendship to the Max!

November 09 2016

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peace and love.

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November 04 2016

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some antique books we sell are small enough to fit into the palm of my hand 

We’re all born a Witch. We’re all born into magic. It’s taken from us as we grow up.
— Madeleine L’Engle (via nocturnal-witchery)
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An t-slighe gu Tuath - The Way North

A road trip from Inverness to Durness, Scotland’s northern coast.

October 17 2016

Not to speak one’s thought is slavery.
— Euripides
(via movemequotes)
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