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February 18 2017

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Sara Kipin

The modern-day fairytales of Sara Kipin combine digital crispness with classical themes of sacrifice, conflict and undying love. Although her drawing signature is clean and stylized, the elegant character designs and detailed landscapes breathe a magical sense of nostalgia. Sara’s determined lady knights and sassy witches make you wish for them to come to life in an animated feature all their own.

Travel along with Sara on her Tumblr page

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February 03 2017

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Photowork by Marcin Nagraba. Costumes by Agnieszka Osipa Costumes - just imagine a place where all ppl wear such stuff for everyday duds!

January 27 2017

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden by kri11e

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November 21 2016


“What ships do you prefer? m/m, f/f, m/f? nb/nb?”



November 14 2016

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historymoodboard: jadwiga (1373/4-1399)

polish king from hungary who by marrying a lithuanian prince laid the foundation for polish-lithuanian commowealth; one of the best educated women in medieval times (at the age of 11 she knew 5 languages); amazing diplomat; renewed the kraków academy (nowadays jagiellonian university) and deeply cared for youth education; saint  of the catholic church.

requested by @shadybiostudent

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Friendship to the Max!

November 09 2016

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peace and love.

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November 04 2016

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some antique books we sell are small enough to fit into the palm of my hand 

We’re all born a Witch. We’re all born into magic. It’s taken from us as we grow up.
— Madeleine L’Engle (via nocturnal-witchery)
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An t-slighe gu Tuath - The Way North

A road trip from Inverness to Durness, Scotland’s northern coast.

October 17 2016

Not to speak one’s thought is slavery.
— Euripides
(via movemequotes)

October 14 2016

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Watch: Michelle Obama’s speech on the Trump tapes should be required viewing for all Americans

I’m probably going to reblog this every day until i feel like you’ve al seen it. Every one of you

October 12 2016

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let thy gold flow out abundant,

let thy silver onward wander.

rune xiv, the kalevala

M I E L I K K I ; the finnish goddess of forests and hunting. wife of the forest spirit taipo, she is skilled in the art of healing and was said to have played a crucial role in the creation of the bear.

[source] [source] [source] [source] 

October 06 2016


Suicide Squad: *joker uses torture method on harley quinn* *joker asks if she would live for him* *joker makes harley quinn jump into some boiling oil shit* *joker refers to her as the itch in his crotch*

Straight People: OMG 😍😍😍 couple goals 💖 When he’s as Crazy as u are 😍🌹💖🔪

Me: ??¿?????¿¿¿

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I can never stop posting this. The narrow minded bible fanatics that just look at one small thing in the bible then feed the world with their hate over it. At the same time they ignore all the other silly laws made by man they claimed were made by god. These gif’s say it all.


Think about those questions.

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This is so important - we can’t compare trauma experiences, it is all valid. Even two people who go through the same trauma can react differently.

Now this is a metaphor I get.

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